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I had been sitting on this book for a while before I finally picked it up. It was one of those that you buy at the bookstore because you’re there and it’s there and you’ve heard good things, but when you get home, it lays in the pile with the others you haven’t gotten around to reading.

I’m here to tell you: don’t wait any longer to read this book.

Starting summer break, I’m always looking for books that aren’t heavy or don’t need me to focus super hard on every deep metaphor. Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas is a great blend of action, adventure, mystery, fantasy, and romance, and I would highly recommend it. The story follows Calaena, who’s in a pretty bad place when we first meet her.


     She’s an assassin, but surprisingly not the most evil character in the book. She’s not even really evil, more so just trying to survive, which is understandable when your freedom is on the line. 

      If you liked the Hunger Games, you’ll like ToG’s battle of Champions, which involves a little less death…but only a little. On top of the competition, there’s also a deeper mystery that spans across the entirety of the series.

              Oh yes, it’s not merely a standalone novel, it’s part of a seven-book series. This is not counting the prequel (which I’m saving until I’ve read the rest of the series) and a collection of prequel short stories. So if you like to be in it for the long haul with a cast of characters, this is definitely a series for you. I am currently only on the third book, but so far I’m still intrigued and invested in the mystery.

               Do note: this series does go into more mature subjects after the first book, so be prepared or do some digging on it beforehand to see if you still want to continue. ToG is a fun read just by itself, but it will leave you with a good deal of unanswered questions.

~~Lindsey, Library Aide