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                For starters, I have been playing Animal Crossing games since they came out on the first Nintendo DS. So to say I love these games is an understatement. The newest edition in the Animal Crossing series is available only on the Nintendo Switch and came out in March just as quarantine was going into effect. You can imagine that for anyone who could get their hands on it, this game was the perfect way to escape to a tropical island paradise.

               The basic game play involves fishing, catching bugs, harvesting fruit to sell, decorating your house, dressing up your player, and making friends with your adorable and sweet animal neighbors. It’s fun and stress-free, and you can really do whatever you want with your island. My villager has been dressed up as a pirate for about three days now, and the basement of my house is a combination gaming/music room, with my pet turtle hanging out between them. I also caught a hammerhead shark while fishing yesterday. See? As random as you please.

               Some differences from previous games in the series? In New Horizons, you can basically change everything about the island, including the layout. You don’t like those cliffs over there? Make them flat ground. You want a waterfall next to your house? You can build one there. You can also change the flow of the rivers, move ponds, and build stairs or ramps to make the higher elevation areas more accessible. There are also a few new characters that take the place of some old ones, like Flick, CJ, and Daisy Mae (they’re all very nice and colorful, so I don’t mind that change). You can also craft items, like furniture or clothes, which is a new feature to the games that for the most part is fun, but is tedious at times to find the DIY recipes. Nintendo also releases updates every few months, so there’s always something new to try out. 

               Why do I like this game? It’s relaxing, and I get to basically be in charge of an island. All of my neighbors are animals, some of whom really like working out and having giant muscles, while others are really excited about their next snack. I really can’t say enough good things about this game. Don’t get me wrong, I like fast-paced action/adventure games like Final Fantasy or Pokémon, but sometimes I just need some laid-back entertainment.

~~Lindsey, Library Aide