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COVID-19 Testing Locations & Information

For information on testing please visit St. Croix County’s website.

St. Croix County Website

Curbside Pickup Information

Curbside pick is available by appointment. For more information on how curbside pick up, click here.

COVID-19 Information Resources

Links to respected sources, including the Wisconsin Public Health Department, with more information on the nature COVID-19

Trouble Collecting Unemployment?

A message and instructions from St. Croix County Rep. Rob Stafsholt for if you are having trouble collecting your unemployment.

Finacial Aid Resources

The UW-Madison Extension Office has put out some resources on financial aid assistance due to COVID-19

E-Library Card

Don’t have a library card yet? Sign up for an e-card to gain access to our online resources and materials. We’d love to see you in the library when we open again to get you a full card